Horizon Technical Consultants


Our goal at HTC is quite simple! We strive to provide our testers with the best testing experience to help making their future. A simple formula is followed for each tester: 

Expert Administrators + Virtuous Environment = EXCEPTIONAL TESTING EXPERIENCE

Our testers have shared positive feedback after passing their exam and found the career of their choice immediately after passing various exams. HTC is known for making satisfied, productive and competent employees. We provide comprehensive concise and individualized attention for each tester. Horizon Technical Consultants provides state of the art computers to test on, and comfortable seating in a relaxed environment.

At Horizon Technical Consultants there are:
  • Certified Veteran Administrators
Our administrators are certified and have a lot of experience so our center is highly reliable.
  • We also offer various training programs
Whether the training is for an individual or a group, HTC has programs to fit any individual's need. We deliver a wide range of information, medical, home and business technology solutions. 
Information Technology- training ranges from basic application  and desktop productivity tools (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)    
to complex and integrated business system solutions (Computer Networking, Information Security, Microsoft, Cisco, etc. ).
Medical Technology- training ranges from Medical Billing and Coding to EKG and Phlebotomy. 
Business Technology- training ranges from keyboard, office administrative procedures, and Microsoft Office to Peachtree and   Quickbooks Bookkeeping.                                                                     
  • Solutions for Individuals
HTC provides comprehensive and cost-effective training for individuals looking to take the first step towards new careers or expand their IT skills in their current professions. With courses available in various fields and the option of grants, loans, and payment plans, HTC has a flexible educational solution that fits your learning style, your budget and your schedule. 
  • Solutions for Companies
Due to the mounting and ever-growing demand for absorbing new technology, we at HTC have developed comprehensive tailor-made solutions at our center to provide necessary hands-on computer based corporate training. 
  • Job Coaching
HTC conducts periodic workshops to assist students with resume and cover letter building, interview preparation, mock interviews, job search and offers assistance in job placement. 
  • Certification Preparation
Once you complete your training, you may choose to go for various different certifications offered in your field of study. For 
example, on completing PC Technician course, you may want to go for A+ Certification or on completing Medical Billing and Coding course, you may want to get certified as a Biller and Coder Specialist. These certifications are offered by different organizations   (Pearson, VUE, and NHA). There is separate exam fee to obtain certification.
Horizon Technical Consultants
Location 1- 320 Post Ave Suite 102
Westbury, NY 11590
        (516) 416-4925
Location 2- 6921 164 St Suite 9
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